Visitors & Walks

Visitors To The Lizard

The Trustees of The Lizard charity welcome you and ask that if you treat The Pastures with respect and care. If you bring dogs, please make sure that they are kept under control and that you clean up after them. We want The Lizard to be a place that everyone, young and old can safely enjoy.

Walks on and around The Lizard

There is a public footpath on The Lizard 9 acres, running east to west between the black gate and the A11.

There is also a bridleway running between Browick Road and Rightup Lane, via Lizard Lane, that crosses The Lizard.

The Lizard Circular Walk

This walk was established some years ago by Norfolk County Council. Apart from the piece that is on The Lizard 9 acres, the walk crosses privately owned fields, and a disused railway embankment, which is held in trust by Friends of the Earth. Currently negotiations are taking place to discuss the future of this walk.

All the land that this walk passes through is part of the County Wildlife Site.

Walking along The Lizard road, pass under the railway bridge and the two houses on the left-hand side, and take the path that leads down between the trees. Cross over a ditch via a small bridge and follow the boardwalk to a bridge over the River Tiffey. The boardwalk continues around the edge of a meadow to a flight of steps leading up to a disused railway embankment. Turn right, and follow the embankment until you reach another flight of steps leading down. The path passes through a gate to cross another meadow and then a bridge takes you over the River Tiffey again. Aim straight ahead towards another gate and once through this, you are on The Lizard 9 acres. Turning right and walking around the meadow, alongside the river for a way, will bring you to a black gate at the end of The Lizard road. Walking down this road will bring you back you the railway bridge.

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